Justin’s Platform

Where Justin stands

Justin wants you to know exactly how he feels about the important issues facing the people of the 67th District. Please take the time to learn all about Justin’s platform below.

  • CONSERVATIVE AND EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT. Justin has a proven record as a conservative, the 2011 budget (House Bill 200) set North Carolina on a path to be a conservative and efficiently run government that doesn’t waste the taxpayers money. It’s your money, not the government’s, and we should be mindful of that. As one of the key budget writers since 2011, he’s made sure we cut back and put cost-saving policies in place so the government isn’t trying to take more money out of your wallet!
  • LOWER TAXES AND CUT WASTEFUL SPENDING. Eliminate pork spending and corporate welfare subsidies. Your hard-earned tax-dollars should focus on the core government functions – education, public safety, and transportation.
    Justin has a proven record on taxes and spending. He opposed the state tax increases in 2009 and 2010, and successfully fought to eliminate those tax increases and others in 2011. Justin supported and helped write each state budget since 2011. Each of those budgets cut state spending and moved our state in the direction of fiscal responsibility and accountability. As a key leader in the budget writing process, Justin has the knowledge and is in the right place to continue protecting the TAXPAYER’S WALLET!
  • MORE FREEDOM, LESS GOVERNMENT. Less is more when it comes to your freedom and rights! Fewer regulations and rules to hinder you and your small business. You deserve to live your life without government interference.
  • REQUIRE A PHOTO-ID TO VOTE. Voting in America is a sacred right that must be protected, which is why we must ensure those that vote are who they say they are. We must stop voting fraud by requiring a photo identification in order to vote in North Carolina.
  • PROTECT RIGHTS OF PROPERTY OWNERS. As your representative, Justin has supported the Eminent Domain Amendment during his tenure in the House of Representatives. In 2011, Justin and a majority of the House voted to place the amendment on the November 2012 ballot for the voters to decide whether or not it should be added to the North Carolina Constitution.
  • PROTECT AND EXPAND RIGHTS OF GUN OWNERS. As a life-time member of the NRA, Justin believes in the 2nd Amendment! Since taking the majority in 2011, Justin has sponsored nearly every piece of Pro-Second Amendment legislation that has become law. Justin has successfully worked to expand North Carolinians’ right-to-carry, to establish privacy protections for Concealed Handgun Permit holders, and to prevent local governments from restricting your gun rights. Thanks to those new laws you now have the Castle Doctrine in NC, and it not only applies to your home but also your vehicle and workplace. Justin has been endorsed by the NRA and as your representative in Raleigh will continue fighting to expand your right to bear arms in North Carolina.
  • IMPROVE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT FOR PRIVATE SECTOR JOB CREATION. Through lower taxes, smaller government, less regulations, and more reforms of state government we will continue to make North Carolina a better place to create new jobs and recruit businesses looking to relocate.
  • DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW. Energy exploration is both a source of job creation and economic growth, and we must continue to encourage it in our state. During the 2011-2012 legislative session, the legislature passed legislation that authorized the NC Mining & Energy Commission to develop a regulatory program for the exploration of oil and gas. Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed that bill, the Clean Energy & Economic Security Act, but the legislature was able to successfully override her job-killing veto. We continued to advance the process through legislation during the 2013 session. Aside from hydraulic fracturing helping our state become more energy independent, North Carolina could even use the revenue from energy production to supplant the current gas tax on motor fuel, so we can bring the average price of gas down across our state. 
  • IMPROVE ROAD FUNDING FOR THE DISTRICT. In 2015 Justin led the effort to successfully eliminate the $215 million transfer of the Highway Fund gas-tax revenues to the General Fund. For far too long, your tax dollars intended for improving our state’s roads were transferred to pay for politicians other state initiatives – leaving our state’s road projects years behind schedule. Thanks to Justin and other leading conservatives in the General Assembly, we can now reduce the backlog of needed transportation projects. We must have a legislator willing to continue to fight for our part of the road funds, for expanding Hwy 52 and Hwy 49, along with keeping Hwy 24/27 on track. Quality roads will give us a better opportunity to recruit new jobs! Justin will continue fighting for more state funding to improve the district’s underfunded road projects.
  • PRO-LIFE. As a legislator, Justin has been a champion for the pro-life movement. Last summer, after videos surfaced of Planned Parenthood employees talking about their profits from selling the remains of an aborted child, Justin sponsored legislation that prohibits the sale of the remains of an unborn child. As Chairman of the Appropriations Health and Human Services Committee, he presided over committee hearings that successfully passed pro-life legislation that requires a 24 hour waiting period before an abortion, and that women are fully informed of all their options other than abortion. Justin also successfully included language in the budget to block your taxpayer dollars from going to Planned Parenthood, a radical left-wing group that advocates for abortions.
  • PRESERVATION OF TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. As your representative in Raleigh, Justin voted for the Marriage Amendment, which was on the May 2012 ballot. Justin continues to advocate for a federal marriage amendment to the Constitution.
  • IMPROVE EDUCATION. Cut out the state bureaucracy and send the money back to our local schools, and the Republican Legislative Majority has started moving our state in that direction. We must continue to put the focus back on the classroom and educating. Justin supports community schools and is opposed to needlessly busing students long distances.
  • ENFORCE IMMIGRATION. Tighten up laws to stop illegal immigrants from getting driver licenses, from attending NC colleges and from receiving taxpayer dollars.
  • DRUG TESTING FOR WELFARE RECIPIENTS – Justin sponsored this new requirement in North Carolina, ensuring your hard-earned tax dollars are going to those that truly need help by requiring drug testing for welfare recipients. Under this commonsense law, if a recipient test positive for illegal drug use, they lose their taxpayer-funded benefits.

Justin Burr is a proven leader we can trust to serve as our conservative voice in Raleigh. He shares our values and has proven time and again he knows how to fight for and receive the results we expect.